9. Mai 2003

[ Marketing ]

Weblogs und E-Mail-Marketing

Auf btobonline.com schreibt Richard Karpinski über Weblogs and E-Mail:

While Weblogs are most often used by individuals, they are increasingly being leveraged by marketers to deliver corporate messages with a more direct, personable voice.

What might be just as interesting-and useful-for b-to-b marketers is the intersection of Weblogs and e-mail newsletters. The two vehicles have many things in common: Both enable direct communication with customers, both are driven by content that people will actually read and both are opt-in by nature. It is not surprising that many Weblog tools include built-in options for delivering content via e-mail.

Er führt drei Punkte aus, die E-Mail-Marketers von Weblogs lernen sollten:

  • Speak to customers in a human voice.

  • Content, content, content.

  • Opt-in matters. Churn kills.

Das E-Business Weblog ist natürlich längst so weit: Es gibt gleich zwei unterschiedliche E-Mail Newsletter, mit toller "human voice", "content, content, content" und "opt-in-policy". Voll Online-Content-Business-wertschöpfungskettenoptimiert sozusagen. ;-)

(Link von Hugo E. Martin, der auch einen interessanten Newsletter hat.)

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