6. Mai 2003

[ Knowledgework und PIM ]

Weblogs in the Toolmix

McGee hat ein paar Gedanken wo es hingehen könnte: Jim McGee - Weblogs in my tool mix

"The second was a prediction that weblogs in organizations would become as indispensable as email and would take on some functions that now get done in email for lack of a better place.

Here's what I expect will occur. Email will remain the place where I manage shared activity (instant messaging may take some of that over - something I'll talk about another time). Weblogs will be where I start and share my thinking. The tools that now comprise office suites will support specialized tasks (e.g. spreadsheets for quantitative analysis) and will be where I sometimes package materials for broader consumption or distribution to audiences who can't or won't visit my weblog."

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