14. April 2003

[ Wireless and Mobile ]

Mobile Killer-Application

Sie ist gefunden: Die mobile Killerapplikation. Dummerweise braucht man kein UMTS dazu. Eigentlich nichtmal wirklich ein Mobilfunknetz.

Vibelet.com's Purring Kitty software, launched last week, turns certain Nokia cell phones with vibrating ring capabilities into a "discrete, vibrating massager."

The software, which costs UKGP 1.50 (about $2.35), is downloaded straight to the phone via a WAP link. Once installed, it has just two controls: Start and Pause. While running, an image of a contented cat is displayed on the phone's screen.

(...) this is the first application of its kind. Previously, getting a phone to vibrate for any length of time required ringing it over and over.

Nett. :-)

(Text aus Wired, gefunden bei vowe.)

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