11. April 2003

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The Future of IT Consultung

Die Harvard Business School hat ein interessantes Interview zur Zukunft der IT-Beratung.

Einige paar interessante Auszüge:

Trends in diesem Jahrzehnt:

"The trigger in this decade underlying autonomous computing is “computer-to-computer” communication. By the end of the decade, more than 60 percent of the computer communications will be computer-to-computer."

Vergangene Treiber:

"the IT consulting industry enjoyed an unprecedented frenzy of convergence of 1) adoption of systems such as ERP and CRM; 2) management improvements such as BPRE; 3) problems to solve such as Y2K; and 4) new territory to pioneer such as e-business."

Jeder macht IT-Consulting:

"(...) more than 50 percent of today’s capital budgeting expenditures involve computing in one form or another. As a result of the pervasiveness of IT, literally all consulting firms have had to integrate IT expertise."

Eher fragwürdig:

"The emerging IT environment is at a level of complexity such that efforts to build IT infrastructure and integrated applications require specialized expertise that is often available only in IT consulting firms."

Allerdings sicher nicht falsch:

"Good operations managers will ensure that their organizations have the ability to work effectively with and integrate the value from networks of service providers with a variety of special capabilities."

Der Text ist irrsinning anstrengend zu lesen. Er ist voller unendlich langer Consultant-Slang-Sätze. Jeff Nichols meint: "Lesson for me and other consultants - keep it simple. If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it. Or you've just gotten lazy and rely on the jargon." True.

(gefunden bei Anders Jacobsen)

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