15. März 2003

[ Blogging , Marketing ]

Guerilla Marketers entdecken Weblogs

Die E-Commerce Times schreibt über "New and Improved Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for High Tech" und geht darin auch auf Weblogs ein:

One technique that was not available to publicity seekers and brand builders five years ago but now is seen as a way to influence the public is Weblogs, or "blogs" for short.
These self-published Web diaries are creeping into the public eye as legitimate, if quirky, sources of news and information. By influencing blog publishers, a company can relay its message to the public and pick up some credibility along the way, according to Denise Garcia, a research director focused on online marketing at Gartner.
Things to note:
  • Blogs kommen auf den Radar der Analysten.
  • Blogs kommen auf den Radar der Marketers.
  • Blogs kommen auf den Radar anderer Online-Worker.
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