27. Februar 2003

[ Technologie ]

Verkaufserfolge des Tablet-PC

BusinessWeek berichtet:

Market researcher Gartner forecasted in November that by the end of 2004, only a measly 3% of all notebooks purchased will be tablet PCs. After just three months, though, analysts are reworking their estimates -- higher. While new numbers should be released in the next several weeks, the anecdotal evidence speaks clearly. Tablets (...) are flying off the shelves. Best Buy, which has been selling Toshiba's Portégé 3500 tablet through its Web site since November, is sold out, says Kevin Winneroski, the retailer's director for mobile computers. [...] In December, Toshiba had to ramp up its tablet production by 35% after a month's supply disappeared in two weeks.

Am Wochenende werde ich zum zweiten Mal einen Tablet-PC in den Händen halten und ausgiebig testen. Bericht folgt dann. Und vielleicht werde ich noch schwach...

(Story via Stefan Smalla)

[Nachtrag] Noch eine Story auf ZDNet (via Anil Dash)

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