27. Februar 2003

[ Blogging ]

"Put your Business where your Blog is"

Ich fiel gerade in den sehr lesenswerten Artikel Blogs and Business Relationships von Rick Klau vom Juli 2002:

"A number of people have asked me why I maintain this blog. While there are a number of reasons - a personal KM strategy among them - I realized I hadn't really given much thought to a significant aspect of the reason: the business relationships I'm building as a direct result of the contributions I make to the blog and the content I read from other blogs."

Im Artikel erzählt er aus zwei Beispielen und macht eine amüsante ROI-Kalkulation auf.


"I'm not alone. I've spoken to others who have identified business opportunities from personal relationships they build through their blog. "

Ja, da kenne ich auch so einen. :-)

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