2. Januar 2003

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Social Network Mapping

Das Social Network Mapping-Experiment des Ryze-BlogTribe ist beendet. Na, wer findet mich im "Friends"-Netz oder auf der Karte?

[Nachtrag] Andrea Janßen entdeckt eine wichtige Schwäche:

"The representation makes no difference between one-way relationships and those that are based on reciprocity. Someone who has all the luminaries on his blogroll but whose contribution for whatever reason is not very visible will seem just as connected as someone else who is widely read and recognized. How could "directions" of relationships be displayed?"

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Social Network Mapping steht bei mir im Mittelpunkt meiner Interesse. Ähnlich wie z.B Text-mining oder Webmining könnte man hier auch das Konzept "Community mining" hier mit einbinden.

Olaf Brugman am 08.01.03 00:14 #

Hi Martin,
the website says my email address that i put in the comment form is not displayed in the website. but it is. Can you look into it and correct it

Olaf Brugman am 10.01.03 01:05 #

Hi Olaf,
your email address is not being displayed on the website. It can also not be found in the sourcecode of the page. I think you are confusing it with your homepage URL.

Martin Röll am 10.01.03 10:07 #