Published July 16th 2004. Last Revised August 3rd 2004.


Slides from "'Distributed KM' - Improving Knowledge Workers' Productivity and Organisational Knowledge Sharing with Weblog-based Personal Publishing"

A talk given by Martin Roell at BlogTalk 2.0 in Vienna in July 2004.

I gave this talk to "BlogTalk 2.0", the European Conference on Weblogs in July 2004. The ideas that you can find here are explained in more detail in the paper "Distributed KM" that I wrote for the conference.


The title slide. It's a long title but it's a simple idea: We need to improve knowledge workers' productivity. And I am going to propose to do it with personal publishing: Weblogs. Let's start.

Map of Europe. Luxembourg-Dresden-Vienna

This is me: I come from Luxembourg, live in Dresden and I am in Vienna now. Well... I was when I gave the talk. ;-)

Hierarchy / Projects

In companies we have developed IT systems that model hierarchy and functional organisation and systems for project/groupwork to a very high standard. (The idea for this imagery was given to me by Martin Dugage.)

Network organisation

But what about the networked organisation? What about individual knowledge workers who are part of groups, work in several projects at the time, who constantly learn, whose jobs constantly change? Do we have tools for them? (We have. But that's for later.)

What Knowledge Workers do

Some things that knowledge workers do. The diagram is the "Framework for Knowledge Work Analysis" developed by Lilia Efimova.

I explained "capturing information", storing it, annotating, discussing and all of these other processes here and asked the question: What tools do we have for these processes?


The audience had basically given the answer themself already at the beginning of my talk when I asked them about using the Email client to remind them of things. Email is used for all kinds of things today - it is really the knowledge worker's "killer app". Why is that? Because it is personal (it's yours and only yours), it's personalisable (you can customise it the want you want) and it's social: It's integrated into your communication (well: it is a lot of your communication isn't it?). (This section of my paper talks more about email.)

So what are we going to do? Improve email-clients? Maybe. But hey, this is a weblog conference! ;-)

Weblogs as Knowledge Work Tools

The title says it all: Weblogs as knowledge work tools! I quickly explained how weblogs work for knowledge workers. Quickly, because I only had 20 minutes and the amazing Lee Bryant was on the programme after me. :-)

Weblogs in an Organisation

On to the organisational view: There is more stuff on the intranet. You can find experts, negotiate meaning, share knowledge as stories and let networks form which may become Communities of Practise. Hurra! Let's finish off.


Summing up:

  1. Knowledge Workers need better tools
  2. Weblogs are such tools
  3. They work for individuals and as a consequence spin off benefits to the organisation

Hey, already over? But you still had five minutes! ;-)

Now read all about it in the full paper!

If you want to discuss some ideas you got from these slides, want to hire me as a consultant or speaker get in touch!

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