Hagebutten (Negativ)


Hagebutten, vermutlich Rosa rugosa, in einer Negativaufnahme. Danke.

Fotografiert am 15. Dezember 2003.

[May 1st 2004] Photo Friday: Natural. It may seem strange to submit an "artificial" negative image to a "Natural"-Challenge, but the point is: This picture is as natural as the positive image or any other image of the plant. The way a plant looks to us, is just the way we perceive it. We don't know what its "real" colour is. Think of animals like insects or bats: They see the world completely different than we do. Maybe this is the way they see this plant? "Bilder im Kopf" is the name of this Photoblog. That's German for "Pictures in the Head" - because that is where all pictures are created: In your head. Thanks for listening. You can email me at martin@roell.net. Here's a link to my photoblog-archives.

Veröffentlicht am 18.12.03.