Diversity as engine for a European innovative culture

Diversity as engine for a 
European inno ...Reboot 82.6.2006reboot.dk > Wiki > Diversity as engine f ...Open QuestionsAre we that diverse?all of us 'get it'share bad experiencesDiversity & energy @ eventswhat to do afterwards?spill-over into "Monday", when we start  ...different ideascollagefeelingsneed more structurewhat _are_ the differences?Diversity as a "selling point"?leeit systems in large enterprisein a diverse group, the chance of 
havin ...which people should get together?needstranslatorsdating system. :)understanding what the others thinkPeople use diff. languages for diff. rea ..."Before we can think about the solution  ...a method:we need areas / rules for 'fluent truth'strength / weakness?oliver gassnerno point in working on weaknessesdifferent roles as competencesAssetsmost of us speak more than one language--> more viewpointseuropean culturenegotiationcreating a understanding (shared languag ...diff. economical structuresDiversity may not be good as a starting  ...needs focusquestionprojectdiversity more productive when we have c ...diversity as an "engine"  for doing thin ...small markets"two persons running one country"strength?Importance of non-EU-cultureuntapped valueweird situation:all share internetrise of nationalismHow do we get from discussion and agreem ...Mailing List?Loic le meur euro-wikicreated for last year's rebootStuff we can learn from eachotherwhat are the barriers to social software ...need for more diversity at reboot?more "mature" people :)doc:-)womeneastern europethings to do:invite them specificallyhave sessions that explore diversityoptimal unfamiliarity
hideDiversity as engine for a European innovative culture
hidehelpOpen Questions
hideAre we that diverse?
leafall of us 'get it'
leafshare bad experiences
hideDiversity & energy @ events
leafwhat to do afterwards?
leafspill-over into "Monday", when we start working again
hidedifferent ideas
hideneed more structure
leafwhat _are_ the differences?
hideDiversity as a "selling point"?
hideit systems in large enterprise
leafdiff languages
leafnational cultures
leaflocalising systems
leafdiverse systems
leafallow for diversity, diff. cultures
hideforwardideain a diverse group, the chance of having the ideal solution in the group is higher
leafhave 5 solutions, pick one
hidewhich people should get together?
hidedating system. :)
hideexists in EU-Research projects
leafrequired to have team of diff. countries
hidesystem that will find people with different competences & interests
leafhm.. wie geht das?
hideunderstanding what the others think
hidePeople use diff. languages for diff. reasons
hidecan we share ideas from diff. backgrounds in _one_ language? how?
leafideaksmiletris"Before we can think about the solution , we need to think about eachother."
hidea method:
hidedifferent views in a group
leaf20 minutes: just from one side
leafthen switch
hidewe need areas / rules for 'fluent truth'
leafrules that allow both parties to be rightInternal Link
hideton: already happening
leafpolitical party membership down
leafissue group membership up
hidestrength / weakness?
hideoliver gassner
leafno point in working on weaknesses
leafdifferent roles as competencesInternal Link
hidemost of us speak more than one languageInternal Link
leaf--> more viewpoints
hideeuropean culture
leafcreating a understanding (shared language)
leafdiff. economical structures
hideideaDiversity may not be good as a starting point
hideneeds focus
leafdiversity more productive when we have common tasks
leafdiversity as an "engine" for doing things
hidesmall markets
hide"two persons running one country"
hideImportance of non-EU-culture
leafuntapped value
hideweird situation:
leafall share internet
leafrise of nationalism
hideforwardideahelpHow do we get from discussion and agreement to action?Internal Link
leafMailing List?
hideLoic le meur euro-wiki
leafcreated for last year's reboot
hideStuff we can learn from eachother
leafwhat are the barriers to social software in companies?
hidelicqneed for more diversity at reboot?Internal LinkInternal Link
hidemore "mature" people :)
leafeastern europe
hidepasswordthings to do:
leafinvite them specificallyInternal Link
leafhave sessions that explore diversity
leafoptimal unfamiliarityInternal Link