Martin Röll, E-Mail:
Phone:+49 178 4984743, Twitter/Skype: martinroell
Schloßberg 5, 01662 Meißen, Germany

Last updated on 15. April 2014

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Full Contact Information / Imprint

I speak English, German, French and Luxembourgish and understand basic Dutch, Swedish and Finnish.


Cellphone in Germany (now): +49 178 4984743
Cellphone when in Finland: +358 468970335

Do call directly if you like.
Rufen Sie gerne direkt an.

Public PGP / GPG key
(I aim to respond to email within 48 hours.)



Please email me before contacting me on Skype if we don’t know eachother yet.

Where am I at this moment?

My twitter-feed can usually give you good information. Don’t worry about my travels too much, just call. I am on Central European and Eastern European Times mostly.

Postal Mail Address / Postanschrift

Martin Röll
Schloßberg 5
01662 Meißen
Deutschland / Germany

Umsatzsteuer-ID: DE217437746

Martin Röll, Schloßberg 5, 01662 Meißen, Deutschland.
E-Mail:, Phone: +49 178 4984743.
Imprint and full contact information.

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