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Phone:+49 178 4984743, Twitter/Skype: martinroell
Schloßberg 5, 01662 Meißen, Germany

Last updated on 22. April 2014

Welcome! Tervetuloa! Willkommen!

Martin Röll, November 25th 2013

Martin Röll, November 2013, Foto by Tanja Korvenmaa

Upcoming Events:

Bürgermeistertag Dresden, 15./16. Mai 2014

Holacracy Einführungsseminar
in Hamburg am 23. Mai 2014
(auf deutsch)

My name is Martin Röll. My passion is with purposeful, effective, meaningful, collaborative work.

I help with:

This happens mostly through my company Structure & Process in which I am a founding partner.

As a solo freelancer, I still work as a personal coach and a sales trainer for consultants. I have also reactivated my old blog and have become a somewhat active writer on Quora.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr (Linkblog), Tumblr (Diary), Quora, Dopplr, Delicious, Goodreads und Bookmooch.

I enjoy getting to know people. Do get in touch!

“Martin’s insights are illuminating and not seldomly revolutionary. He thinks outside the box, which makes him a natural problem solver. He is able to do this regardless of the topic at hand.”

Michael Tomaszewski; Manager, Corporate Development & Strategy; Aide to the Chief Executive, Enovos Luxembourg SA

I have met Martin at several formal and informal occasions. He’s is a very creative thinker, and does what a consultant should do: ask brilliant and often difficult questions.

Ton Zijlstra, Independent Consultant on Change, Complexity, Knowledge Work, Learning


Martin Röll, Schloßberg 5, 01662 Meißen, Deutschland.
E-Mail:, Phone: +49 178 4984743.
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